The school has defined its purpose as creating an environment where everyone feels worthwhile, respected, confident and inspired to do their best. At Spotswood Primary School everybody is somebody.

Our school values are an integral part of the school community. They provide a foundation for shared understanding and a common language across the school for students, teachers and families.

LEARNING “Spotty kids know how to learn” – Osamu Owl

COMMUNITYSpotty kids look out for each other” – Michi Meerkat    

SAFETYSpotty kids are safe” – Sora Snail

Our school values are fostered by:

  • Encouraging and inspiring a love of learning
  • Celebration of the achievements of all students and staff
  • Promoting strong partnerships between school and home

Osamu Owl

Sora Snail

Michi Meerkat